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International ceramics center Atelje Janja Gora is ceramic art atelier situated in Plaški, 30 km from Plitvice lakes national park, in the midst of a peaceful and inspiring nature. Place where creativity and art are a way of life, free from all barriers and borders - social, national, religious, political, educational or any other.
As an open space for individual and communal growth, we provide all creative souls with the opportunity to express themselves.
We integrate the local community into our projects and participate in numerous international and regional projects.
Our programs and workshops are mainly dedicated to ceramics, clay and traditional pottery – an important, ancient, natural practice we want to emphasize - but we also welcome and host painters, print-makers, poets and musicians alongside other craftsmen and women such as carpenters, natural builders or blacksmiths.

All artistic expression is welcome here!

By creating a space of cooperation and by sharing knowledge, we bring the opportunity of growth to any society as a chance to better the world. That is also why we organize free ceramic workshops for children in our hometown - a place of weaker social, economical and educational prosperity - in hope to bring lasting positive changes to the life of individuals and the whole community.
Creative expression should be available on a large social scale.
Creativity should be a way of life, a foundation of education, a building block of creating self-aware individuals for a good and healthy community.

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