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International ceramics center Atelje Janja Gora would not exist without help of many great friends and sponsors who helped us out in many ways. From donations in money and building materials to many days and nights spent in brainstorming, planing and building. So we decided to set up this page to thank them and to present this extraordinary team. People from many walks of life have found here inspiration and a kind of sanctuary.


Further down the page we present companies and institutions who helped us. Links to their pages will take you there to read more about what they do, and here you can read about how they contributed. So let's start just by naming the names:


This list would be to long if we were to mention everybody who contributed, one way or another, sometimes purely by incident of 'bumping' in to work. Nonetheless they all deserve credit...  Gorana Radojičić, Biljana Džambaski, Jura Miličević, Stribor i Artur, Denis, Krsto Lukić, Dragan Vučinić Gagi, Čutura, Ljiljana Grubišić, Ljiljana Kosanović, Denis, Pero, Rankica, Gerda Genijn, Els Janssens Stefan, Nikola ...and our big THANK YOU!!!

Sponsors and donators

And this are the organizations and companies that have helped us along with money or building materials. Thank you!!!

ADRA Hrvatska



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