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Activities we offer

Doing so many good things in the past years has brought us a certainty and conclusion that we are on a good path and that our persistence in keeping an independent and creative organization bears the fruit in form of more and more people visiting us to learn, share and enjoy.


Nowadays we offer our visitors creative activities, different kinds of workshops, local tours and participation in one of our exhibitions or other socially involved projects. Beside that, in our small gallery shop you can find original and unique hand-crafted ceramics, ranging from ceramics for daily use to pieces of art and original souvenirs. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of our growing and changing sculpture garden, drink a cup of coffee or tea made from our local herbs, join us for lunch, read a good book or magazine.

Links below will take you to separate pages where you can find out more.



In our atelier we offer clay workshops where you can learn about ceramics and clay techniques, make your own cup, plate or ceramic art piece.

Wood firing

Janjagama firings

A few times a year we fire our big wood fired kiln. Artist are invited to partake in this extraordinary event.


Local tours

Explore and learn more about Plaški valley, it's history and natural beauties. Our guided tours offer you a different and in depth perspective of local traditions and history.


New workshop

Take a guided tour to gather inspiration and use clay to express your day. A combination of light walking tour along many interesting points in our surrounding aimed to gather inspiration and collect items to be used in a workshop after that.

After the walk we return to atelier to materialize our visit in to a clay shape. It could be a cup with imprint of the leaf or branch, or a bird, fish, or any shape and form that comes to mind.

The price of this workshop is € 80,- for adults and € 50,- for children age 4 to 15. Children up to 4 years participate for free under parent supervision. Maximum number of participants is 13.


The price includes all working materials and tools, professional leading, firing of the works (if desired), professional tour guide and refreshment: home made tea, brandy (sllivovic) coffee, drinks (wine, beer), snack's and lunch. Simple lunch, but whole made of local ingredients, produced by our self or our neighbors.

More to see and do in our region

Croatia is a very popular tourist destination. And not without a reason. Our natural and cultural heritage is and has been an inspiration for many world travelers and world powers for millennia. And until today we have been a crossroad of cultures and religions, with unchanged, everlasting beauty of nature surrounding us. The philosophy of our atelier is nothing else but openness and welcoming international exchange.

Therefore, we have been recognized as an original and worth seeing attraction and place. Although there is no specific category that we fit into, we are very glad that people come to visit us, and that we can contribute in the whole experience of visiting Croatia. On this page we want to present to you the projects and information that we found valuable and worth mentioning - from our partners to practical info.

Just follow the links below to find out more.

See also the Plitvice lakes interactive map.

The regions of Lika and Karlovac county offer many original and authentic things. From food and accommodation to local initiatives, cultural and natural heritage.

Our atelier is a partner in a regional project 'Lika destination' whose aim is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Lika region, focusing on local products and projects, bringing them together and connecting them to larger networks. The underlying philosophy is to motivate the local community to keep its tradition and at the end to support their way of living, as a local gem in a global world.


We are mentioned in many brochures, magazines and web sites, from Lonely Planet to Ceramic art daily, and have participated in interviews, documentaries and similar, always as an unusual art attraction.

Clicking the links below will take you to separate regional pages where you can find much more of  the interesting things to do and to see. Have fun!



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Network of protected areas and local initiatives and products


Premium products

of Lika region

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Karlovac county

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Plitvice lakes
national park

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Plitvice lakes


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City of Ogulin

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fairy tale house


National Park

North Velebit

Accommodation in Plaški and surroundings

We (still) don't have any accommodation so if you decide to spend your time in the neighborhood and are looking for accommodation in Plaški and Janja Gora, just try some of the online services, typing key words and there is enough to choose from.

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