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Future plans and wishes

Many of the ideas presented on these page have come to us years ago. It is interesting how some visions hold on and pass the test and challenges of time and daily life. And how some of them disappear and then 'strike' back for no particular reason, telling us that the time might come to do something. But there is work to be done before. Before we completely open up to the world and share our experience and knowledge we still have some infrastructure work to be done. As I am writing this, in June 2020 after we had been struck by corona crisis we are forced to stop all but necessary activities, just to survive. So, gone are our plans to finance and finish it all by our selves. We still need to finish our guest and working space, shop, visitors sanitary facilities and build a few, natural building, small huts for our guests and apprentices. That's why we launched our CROWDFUNDING campaign. If you want to help, please go to Crowdfunding page and choose your option. 

So that...

we can start working on projects like:

  • international ceramics youth exchange, with the goal of expanding the view of the worlds of young people,
    to help them 'ground' and to let them communicate and learn from each other on international level

  • artist in residence program. Inviting fellow artists to come and work with us on our sculpture garden

  • international project 'Water, fluid of life', a series of workshops, exhibitions and activities to raise the awareness on water,
    also as an inspiration for art

  • building and expanding our sculpture garden dedicated to water and ancient knowledge 

  • testing a raw materials from our surroundings and using them (clay, minerals, wood, etc.)

  • building another, smaller anagama for production firings

  • developing a series of local souvenirs based on historical and other research

  • developing a series of traditional cook-ware for daily use made of local materials, as in old traditions

  • organizing archeological research in the area

  • developing tourist programs in the area

  • helping the local community through local programs of education and skill teaching

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