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Local tours

A true and genuine inspiration for our work comes directly from our beautiful surroundings - nature, culture, history and gastronomy. We like to share this with our guests, so we offer local walks and talks. Our atelier is also a part of a bigger regional project 'Lika destination' whose aim is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Lika region, focusing on local products and projects, bringing them together and connecting them to larger networks. The underlying philosophy is to motivate the local community to keep it's traditions alive and as a result support their way of living, as a local gem in a global world.

Our tours range from short drives and/or walks to one of the sight seeing places, to long, whole-day hikes in the surrounding mountains. From untouched wilderness to remains of old civilizations. We offer these tours as a part of our ceramics workshops as inspirational walks and as relaxation between firings, but we also offer them to anybody interested to know more about Plaški.

Every year on the international day of water (22nd of March) with our mountaineering club 'Plaške Glave' we organize a big hiking event for a few hundred people where we walk along fresh water springs and mountain peaks.

Other stories that we tell on our tours:

  • Serbian orthodox church/cathedral built 1755;

  • Lika railway, one of the most challenging projects of the early 20th century;

  • The heritage of Nikola Tesla in Plaški

  • Plaški as a cradle of modern Croatia, events that took place in WW II where the summit in Plaški played a crucial roll;

  • monuments of antifascist WW II victims;

  • traces of prehistoric Japodi tribe;

  • Natura 2000, protected wetland habitat, river Dretulja;

  • marshal Omer Pasha Latas, one of the greatest Ottoman empire generals was born in Janja Gora;

  • Sinjac, 203 m deep lake/fresh water spring;

  • Blata lake, estavele (reappearing) lake that comes and goes with the seasons;

  • typical Carst (lime stone) landscapes;

  • and more...

So, while in Plaški or Lika and Karlovac region, even if you don't get involved with our ceramics workshops, you can get in touch and get to know and see more of the places you are visiting. More information about the tours can be found on our local guide site.


Our recommendations...

At the end we would like to add our recommendations. Places worth seeing. Less known and still intact, with people behind it as enthusiastic and dedicated to their projects as we are. Follow the links below to find out more about them and let them speak for themselves.

LikaDestination_zeleni i plavi_tekst des

Network of protected areas and local initiatives and products

KŽ_LOGO 2020.png

Karlovac county

tourist board info


Plitvice lakes
National Park

logo tesla PNG.png

Nikola Tesla memorial center

NP_paklenica_logo_slika lijevo.png

National Park

TZ Plitvicediscover.png

Tourist board

Plitvice lakes


Tourist board



Northern Velebit

National Park

baraceve spilje logotip final2.png

Barać caves

logo OGZB_page.jpg


fairy tale house


Cave park,

protected landscape


Croatian center for indigenous karst water fish and crab varieties


Bear SanctuaryY Kuterevo



tradition and culture


Mountaineering club 


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